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Add an answer or comment. Log in or sign up first. S hare your beac h. Post comments, photos and videos, or broadcast a live stream, to friends, family, followers, or everyone. Share thoughts, events, experiences, and milestones, as you travel along the path that is uniquely yours. Share your world. Popular Conversations. Fill in the blank space with an antonym of the italicized word. Weegy: He couldn? The child in me sulked and said it was all in fun, but the woman in me flinched at the thought of the malicious attack that I had led.

Get answers from Weegy and a team of really smart live experts. Popular Conversations. Fill in the blank space with an antonym of the italicized word. Weegy: He couldn? Wind erosion is most common in flat, bare areas You must be under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug to be Weegy: True. Profit can be defined Just love them. Hello there! Do the smaller Lilliput varieties need to be pinched at a shorter height since their final growth height is shorter? Should I pinch them at this height or wait? Any advice would be appreciated! My daughter used to grumble a little when she got a package of zinnia seeds in her Easter basket and knew she would be expected to help plant them.

That same daughter was expecting a baby girl in October of last year and asked me what the name of the flower was that we planned each year. My granddaughter was given the name of Zinya. Love it!! Hope that helps! I have been growing a few zinnias for years to make arrangements in our Episcopal Church Every Sunday from May through October. Zinnias keep me with flowers the whole time! I buy the giant variety at Walmart. They only have a limited variety. Yours are absolutely gorgeous And so many different colors. I was going to plant a small garden of zinnias in rows like your were done ,but on a much smaller scale. It would give me all the zinnias I needed for church, a joy to look at from my home and all who pass by to enjoy too!

Do you sell packages of seeds or could you tell me where I can buy seeds of your giant zinnias? I was so excited to see your beautiful varieties! You site is beyond great! Look forward to hearing from you! The tips of my zinnia seedlings are dead and burnt looking.. What could this be? Thanks for your help! Any suggestions for preventing this?

Also, our tend to get very tall we live in the south and have a long growing season. Should I attempt to keep them from getting so tall or let them continue growing? I do cut the flowers a lot which i know causes more the grow. Hi your flowers are so beautiful IAM litterly in shock from the beauty of your farms Zinnias. IAM hoping to grow some someday but I would okay to just come visit your farm and get some cut flowers.

Are you able to reuse your drip irrigation year after year? How do you store yours? Thank you for sharing such wonderful Info and beautiful pictures. I look forward to receiving your Email each time. You definitely brighten my day and during this time we all need it. Thank you again. I am in Phoenix-super hot from June to September. Would it be best to give zinnias some shade in the afternoon? I grew zinnias last year and plan to grow them this year with some of your added tips! Thanks so much for your help! Where is the best place to purchase seeds? I am going to try growing zinnias this year if it is not too late. In current shaky climate I am trying to save on greenhouse fuel, and in doing so fear I have some dampening off … but only on my most resilient little growers, my zinnias.

Ever had this before? We are in early spring here so other option would be to try and direct seed. I learned so much reading this blog Where can I get some of these unusual seeds? I would like to try growing them from seed. Hi Ann, We carry them in our shop. I bought sooooo many zinnias from you guys this year. My mother in law loved zinnias! I especially love the lillyputs they are so pretty. I grow and sell sweet peas and the little Lilliputs look so pretty with them. I purchased your book last year and love it! What is the trick to getting seedlings out of the 72 count cell trays? I either mangle the cell or the seedling….. Hello from West Richland, Wa. Zinnias were introduced to me by my mother-in-law when I was a young mom trying to find easy beautiful things to plant.

After trying them and cutting them and re-seeding I was hooked! I have shared this favorite plant with my own children and now I share my harvest with my 2nd graders at the end of the year and encourage them to plant at home and try with their own families :. A couple of years ago I was online searching for specialty Zinnias and I found your story and your farm. I have ordered from you ever since and shared your farm and seeds with all of my own sisters and friends. We love your farm and hope to visit someday.

Because of you I am learning more about Cosmos and trying these out as well. Not sure why…take care and thank you for the post!! We love our Zinnias!! We are based in cool upstate New York and have a climate similar to yours, I believe! The plants produce wonderfully for about a month, but then get burned by the first frost in early October. What works for you? Hi Mary, We start all of our seeds indoors to extend the season by a couple months. We recommend starting them weeks before your last frost so they can be transplanted outside after the weather has warmed.

This should help extend the amount of time you have flowers. Thank you for sharing all of these! What a dream to be able to work in such beauty everyday. I love to grow Zinnias because they are so easy and make the cutest bouquets! Thanks for all the info! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I love getting all this information from you! I have a garden labyrinth and several of the paths are lined with zinnias each year to attract hummingbirds.

One year I planted a Sunbow Orange from you and the hummingbirds loved them. I was able to get some great photos that year. I learned that technique from you, thank you. Looking forward to gardening season here in West Michigan; we should be in full swing by mid to the end of May. What a nice article Erin on one of the best annual any gardener should sow every year!!! Thank you for all the tips especially the cutting tips, very interesting to learn at what stage we can cut them etc!!

All your pictures are lovely. Have you ever tried it? Zinnias are some of my favorite cutting flowers! Their beautiful colors make me and the friends I share them with smile! Thank you for sharing your favorites. How spectacular! I planted seeds years ago with success and I recently carefree planted some packets. Thank you so much for the tips when cutting. Take care. Stay safe. After being inspired by your book last January we started a cut garden here in Middle Tennessee—Zinnias were the largest part of our crop and they were so well received. I made sure to pick interesting varieties and our customers were just wowed by our selection. Thank you for everything you all do to bring such ah-mazing flowers and information to beginning growers like myself.

You are SO appreciated!! One package of each is more than enough for my cutting garden. And then I would have fresh seeds every year and no waste. I love Zinnias of all types and sizes and colors! They are one of my favorite flowers and I always try to have a bunch somewhere in my gardens for me to enjoy. Can never have enough of the beauties! Love your colorful website and I will be back to enjoy over and over again. I live in UK and grow zinnias small and benary every year with great success in my garden which is clay-based soil they are very tolerant with our very changeable climate and make a show-stopping display.

I tried Banarys Giant last year with ok success. If i plant them closer together, will they be shorter? This would work better in my cutting garden. It has been a trooper in my garden providing abundant beautiful blooms for much of the growing season. You mentioned starting flowers in the greenhouse several weeks before last frost, are your greenhouses heated? I grew flowers for the farmers market this summer, zinnias being one of them one of my favorites. One problem with the zinnias, was having the stems collapse only hours after cutting- every single flower. I tried numerous things, nothing seemed to help, but gradually the flowers started lasting a week or more.

Could the pH of the soil or water make a difference? Also I had a lots of trouble with black spots on the leaves, maybe caused by insects- not sure if it affected the flowers or not. What kind of sprays do you use? I tried Fertilome Triple action, and fertilized with fish emulsion. Thank you for any answers you can give me! I love Zinnias, so I appreciate this post. Living in Chicago, I can also understand the need to plant out seedlings after things have warmed up. My favorites are the single and semi-doubles in orange and red. Are there any particular varieties that would work in containers on my west-facing balcony in Los Angeles?

Thank you for sharing! Can zinnias go into the ground earlier if you put up frost cloth and warm the soil a bit with black fabric? Your website is stunning!!! I look at it through the winter to remind me that there is life out there and will be here soon. I put my Zinnias in the vegetable garden and we do not have a big bug problem. They are the last thing I pull out of the garden because I want to enjoy them to the end. You can always depend on them to be beautiful. Looking forward to ordering seed for next season!!! It is very helpful and I look forward to reading it and watching the videos. My Zinnias were the best ever this year but for the fact that one day I went out and the center stems had been hollowed out by a pest but there was no trace of any.

I lost most and the others bent broke what flowers were still alive. Any help with this? Anyone know what the pest would be? Thank you in advance for any help. Looking for a better season next Spring. I just discovered your site from this post. Very helpful and beautifully presented information! I like how you are straight to the point and comprehensive without a lot of digressions or insufficient info. Now I can spend some time looking at the rest of the site.

Great work and wishing you the best success. I just wanted to come back to thank you for this post. But I have never had much success with them. After reading the post and seeing all the beautiful varieties, I was inspired to try again. So I turned my raised garden bed where I normally grow tomatoes into a zinnia patch this year. I planted a few too many seeds really because I wanted to be sure to get some. Well, I did! The entire bed is just full of all types of beautiful, colorful zinnias just like my grandma loved.

My personal favorite are the chartreuse green ones. Thank you again for just the push I needed! Hi there! I have been gleaning every tidbit of wisdom you have to share from your site as well as your book as I start my flower farming journey. You recommend Floralife to aid in vase longevity for most flowers. Should I use it for Zinnias as well? Or just the bleach added to the water? Thank you so much. I am growing zinnia in containers on my patio for the first time. I bought them as healthy plug plants and pinched them when they go to a decent height to encourage more leaf growth. As a consequence one of the plants has completely collapsed. The stem is too weak to hold the plant up. I have tried staking to hold it up, but it no looks dry like its dying.

How can I fix this. Or is there no hope. I have planted many varieties this year. The whimsical colors and shapes just make me smile. I lost all first 2 rounds to rain. The flowers growing now are coming along well. They are not quite big enough to pinch, but I am very hopeful they will produce well. I love your blogs!! The knowledge I am gaining is awesome. I keep your book handy indoors, but if out in garden, I look up your blogs with my phone. Wow, breathtakingly beautiful! I thought I was not a zinnia fan.. Did not know these were available. I now know what I will begin with next Spring. So grateful!! Thank you for all the great information!

I planted a flower garden from seed tapes in April and have so many Zinnias, Cosmos and Tithonia blooming and more on the way! The Zinnias are the stars of the garden for sure. I planted a verity of zinnias in large pots, to my surprise they turned out beautiful. The only problem I had was they got to large at late season but still beautiful, This year I am doing the same thing. This time I will cut them back shorter and see what happens. Some of my friends liked them so much in pots, they are doing the same thing. Oh my gosh, I am happy to share this on Facebook!

They are simply gorgeous, breathtaking! I copied each photo to share on my FB before I reached the end and realized I could share the entire page. I am so grateful. Decisions, decisions…. The more the merrier! Love this article! We are in western Indiana and are planting several Zinnias this year. My husbands mom gave us a cheap packet of zinnia seeds last year to plant in the courtyard of our first and new home. I was so surprised at how well they did with so little care! Those little flowers really started a love of gardening in me!

This post is so helpful to know how to better care for them this year! I have been so far. This is so helpful! I have gardened all of my life, but I have always focused on vegetables and companion flowers like marigolds and nasturtiums. Thank you for taking the time to put all of this information together to help aspiring flower growers like myself. It truly is appreciated. A dirty flower is one that will dirty up the water quickly — sunflowers and zinnia are examples of this. I love Zinnias! Where I live in central CA it is incredibly hot months on end and they are one of my favorite in the garden, and I must plant more this year! Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and photos that you provide I really appreciate it!

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for your tips on these. They are one of my favorites. Love, love, love the amazing flower growing wisdom you impart. It seems you are sold out on most of the zinnia varieties I would like. Can you offer an alternative source? So thankful to hear that zinnias like the heat! I also raise dahlias and have one particular bed that is up against a barn wall and east facing. It gets extremely warm with heat reflecting off the barn and the dahlias did not like it even with twice daily watering.

Have a bunch of seeds started in the greenhouse now. First time growing these. Thanks for the great info. Can you please share your source for these varieties. I only have what is offered at the big box stores in my area. So excited! I live in Cincinnati Ohio. Actually, in a small rural town outside of Miami University. Where would you recommend we purchase the zinnias from? They are my favorite. If you had to advise us on 5 to plant, which five would you suggest? Any other advise would be great. We are really reading up on all of it. I just love your flowers! It inspires me. We are going to prepare our soil and I think we are going to plant seeds unless you think otherwise. What about water? How do you get water to your flowers? Hi Barb, Congratulations on your first year being a flower farmer!

What an exciting time for you. I grow cut flowers to decorate my church. We always hope bouquets last a full week there. The longest lastin bouquets ever are zinnias with statice, can maybe go two weeks! They are so carefree in our east Texas sandy loam that I use Zinnias as row markers in the orchard. Just scattering a handful of seeds adds a splash of color to the end caps or paint the orchard with dabs of color beneath the olive trees. It is a joy to see the pollinators flitting between Zinnia islands. Love all the variety and pics!

Thanks for sharing! Would they do well in a sunny window sill, or do I need to use grow lights? Do you recommend a heat mat? Zinnias are so easy you can direct sow them, or start them inside under lights or in a southern facing window. In a window they can tend to get leggy, but if you plant them outside fairly quickly, or take them out to get sunshine during the day, they should do really well for you. Its a temperate climate with hot dry summers. I love Magellan because it is so beautiful in arrangements with cool colors not quite pink and warm colors not quite salmon while staying bright and vivid.

For weddings, Polar Giant is my go-to. Zinnias seem to love the hot and dry summer climate up here in the northern Cariboo region of British Columbia. They tend to seed and transplant so easily…and even tolerate a tiny bit of neglect. This will be my first year growing for actual cut flower sales so I went a bit wild with choosing zinnia varieties thanks to your numerous must-grow recommendations and amazing photos! The more I look at the options on this website and seed catalogues I keep thinking I should add just one more type….

If you plant them in full sun, give them adequate spacing and water at the base, they should all be quite mildew resistant. I adore zinnias! Last year I had s really difficult time with my zinnias initially. I had problems with dampening off, and then decided to directly sow in the garden. This took 3 attempts. Normally I find them very easy to grow. I love zinnias! This makes me want to order some of every color! Ahhhh Thanks for all the great information on flower growing! I just watched my seeds pop up after only a few days of being sown.

It was so gratifying after having some germination challenges with other starts. I wanted to hug those little guys! Choosing only a few varieties was almost excutiating but I want to grow a little of everything so I have to be choosy with my limited space. I ended up getting the queen lime, zinderella lilac and desert sunset mix. After reading this I want to grow fields of zinnias! The Queen Lime series are my favorites because their colors are so unusual.

But I consider it quite an honor that she loves all of the flowers that I grow. This will be my first year growing Zinnias. I am hoping these mix well in arrangements with my DA roses. We always had trouble keeping zinnias happy in our nursery. To much cold early season and a bit to much shade so I avoided them because they were one of the most finicky. I love your taste in flowers if I had a acreage I would grow each variety you offer :. We love growing Zinnias here in South Florida.

It is sometimes difficult to get the variety and color of flowers down here in the tropics, and zinnias help fill that void. I am excited to try this trick to get longer stemmed flowers. And to provide additional nutrients through weekly seaweed tea. We do have a major issue down here in the south with Powdery Mildew, its so humid it has become a never-ending battle. Perhaps with the additional seaweed tea nutrients and healthier plants, I can battle this a little better. Now just to keep the iguanas out of the flower beds the eat everything to the ground and outsmart even chicken wire … but another south Florida issue.

Last year I was so excited to grow Zinderella Peach for the first time and was so disappointed with the results. Thank you for that valuable bit of info. I have loved zinnias since I was a kid, thanks to my Dad. He was an incredible gardener, and every year would plant a row of zinnias and a row of marigolds at the edge of our vegetable garden. My favorite is Benary Giant, and I love to mix them with snapdragons. Thanks for this lovely article! Great article. We have been growing and selling them for a year now in Florida. Was the only nutrients for the growth period added during bed prep and during seedlings when you used compost tea? What kind of spray treatments do you do? We have quite a powdery mildew problem during the dry winter month we grow year around.

Do you have to deal with that? I love all of the information on zinnias. The rows and rows of zinnias look gorgeous. I grow a lot of zinnias during the growing season. Sometimes when a perennnial is done blooming for the season in spring I will throw in a pack of zinnias for color the rest of the summer and have had a lot of success with that. I forwarded your site onto my daughter in law and she was so inspired she asked for and received from me your book for Christmas.

I am in zone 5b, Wisconsin. Zinnias are a favorite of mine and I plant them every year. We recently moved to a house with a smaller yard and so I have less space to plant in. I will definitely be using the pinching technique to encourage more blooms. Whoa- they revert to singles in stress? I thought they loved heat! Love the information on zinnias, Erin. I have been growing State Fair Zinnias for a few years, and they are stunning, multiple pinks, deep rose, yellow and a few white.

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