❤❤❤ How Did Alain Locke Contribute To The Harlem Renaissance

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How Did Alain Locke Contribute To The Harlem Renaissance

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Who was Alain Locke?

Although the apogee of the Harlem Renaissance passed a century ago, its impact on everything from the civil rights movement to modern arts and culture continues to reverberate throughout the American landscape. The era highlighted black artistic creativity, inspiring future generations of artists and intellectuals. Moreover, it radically reshaped the narrative around how people of other races viewed Black Americans and their historical experience. Libertarians can learn much from the Harlem Renaissance. In the freer Northern states, they relied on free enterprise, freedom of choice, and voluntary association to win for themselves a greater degree of social and political independence.

In so doing, they affirmed the beliefs of renaissance trailblazers like Alain Locke, Langston Hughes, and Zora Hurston that Black Americans could, via artistic and creative expression, transcend a consciousness imprinted on them by generations of inequality and discrimination. Sep 2nd, She noted:. It unveiled an incredible amount of black artistic and literary creativity. Harlem Renaissance writers and artists expressed pride in their African American culture through extraordinary performances. It was a time of great discovery, mostly in the arts, and gave provided Americans something else to focus on besides the current economical status. Many wonderful African American poets, authors, musicians, and artists emerged in that time period and are still highly regarded today.

There were many events throughout American history that have shaped our nation into what it is today. Though some of them were a rough patch at the time it only brought us to a brighter future. Many stride have been made for American citizens. These are just a few example of how hardship leads to better times. The Gospel of Wealth was a religious belief that Christians had a responsibility to create an ethically sound and morally upright society.

This all started when Protestant minister for example like Josiah Strong began preaching about the Social Gospel The second problem our nation faced was the inequality for women in the workforce and voting. We stepped away from the domestic work that we are typically associated with such as housework, cooking, cleaning, and watching and taking care of the children. They would make textiles and clothes. Many African American artists, photographers, musicians, and writers came out of Harlem. Alain Locke captured the creativity of the Harlem Renaissance when he published The Negro Man which was an anthology of essays and poems by emerging literary voices that embodied the spirit of black pride and militancy for younger generations of African American artist and civil right leaders apart from the generation before them who tried to become more like the white culture.

This time also included jazz music and gave birth to many great jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong which is my favorite. Show More. It opened a new road that lead to a fight for equal rights and the acceptance of blacks in America. This road lead to the civil rights movement and the spread of the African American culture through all of America. Blacks eventually got their civil rights as a result of the Harlem Renaissance giving black Americans the motivation they needed to be someone in America and fight for their rights.

The movement till this day has an effect on America, like hip-hop. Hip-hop was greatly influenced by the great cultural expression of the Harlem Renaissance. It had a great influence on how the people see the Blacks. The Harlem Renaissance had impacts on literature as more and more Blacks had the passion to write about themselves, and portray an image that well defines the Blacks. Also, visual artists became well known to arts societies because of recognition of African styles in painting and sculptures. Lastly, the economy of the Blacks, and ultimately the whole society, boomed as businesses and professionals…. Many of the African Americans have recognition for the cultural work they 've accomplished, Harlem Renaissance was a time for the African American community to reunite with other races in the rural south.

The Harlem Renaissance was beneficial for the African Americans because they were able to express themselves not only through cultural purposes, but also of who they were individually. Leaders of the Harlem Renaissance movement inspired other races to reunite as one, which allowed the African American culture to become a trend. The Harlem Renaissance inspired the young, black, men and women, to create a new work environment and spread their culture, instead of living the lifestyle of an American…. Some other think that the Harlem Renaissance had many negative effects. Many thought African americans were just stealing the culture of whites but that is very incorrect. The Harlem Renaissance was about individuality and doing what you wanted to do and this we did USHistory.

Without the joyful and peaceful experience of The Harlem Renaissance, and it not being the turning point in African American heritage in America , celebrating black culture, would we still be living the life we are today? The literature, and music of the Harlem Renaissance focused on improving the lives and humanity of the African Americans. The Harlem Renaissance was a big step for the advancement of African Americans in the American community during the s. The Harlem Renaissance brought advances…. The Harlem Renaissance was a time when the African-American culture began to rise in popularity around the s to the mids.

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