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Essay On Guns In School

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The gun solution we're not talking about

Having officers fully trained will eliminate many gun violence incidents as a whole. In many cases, officers on school campus are not fully trained to know what to do in every situation. For example, Georgia officers are trained how to use tasers and pepper spray before reaching for a gun. Many school officers are not put in many situations handling guns. When a rare situation occurs, it is a panicking moment in what to do.

At Georgia Tech University, an officer did not know how to handle the situation properly and shot at the student and died. These situations could be prevented by taking the time and money to fully train all officers on duty at schools, malls, and more. School officers are to be treated legally as police officers, requiring them to follow commonly accepted standards of police conduct in investigating crime in schools Price, Gun Violence is not something a student should have to worry about going to school. Having that fear is a awful scare and can keep a student from focusing on his or her studies. This happens more often than it should and is closer to home each time.

Sending your child to school should be a safe and welcoming environment to each individual. By training school officers, having mental health services and having school regulations, students can feel comfortable when attending classes. Big changes have to start somewhere and possibly Fulton county schools or universities can start making small advances. Gun Violence in Schools. Accessed October 9, Did you like this example? A professional writer will make a clear, mistake-free paper for you! Stuck on ideas? Struggling with a concept? Get help with your assigment. Leave your email and we will send a sample to you. Should Teachers Bear Arms? There has been a lot of good and bad history with guns and people who shouldn't have guns.

There has been some bad history with guns, especially in the wrong hands. Several say that it is the solution to the big problem the United States has with school shootings. It may not stop the shooter but it could prevent a massacre. Others believe that teachers having guns is too much. They think that the children need more loving and caring adults in their lives, not more guns. People also believe that any kind of automatic or semi-automatic gun should be banned in the United States. When Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting happened he argued against guns on campus.

Many colleges shooting happens when the student is the shooter. If more college allows this law into school its basically making the shooter mission easier. They are putting innocent people in danger. They should learn when to take action when they hear a gunshot. Kids must be safe around these weapons for their safety. Accidents always happen. Most of the fender-benders are shooting someone or getting shot. Gun Violence and Mental Health: Teachers and Staff Should Not Carry Guns in Schools When people started shooting students and staff at schools nobody knew what to do, but they knew that a change needed to be made.

With all of the tragedies that keep happening in school campuses there is a debate on what that changes should be. Some say that teachers and staff should have guns in school premises to protect students from an intruder and prevent another horrible incident like the Columbine, Sandy Hook, and many others. Others say that teachers packing heat is a bad idea and that we should be looking at mental health a little closer. Congress, schools, and the National Rifle Association need to see where the main problem is coming from. The campus carry law should be banned because of the concerns and negative viewpoint it has from students. Students should not have to feel uneasy sitting in class and listening to a lecture.

People like Russ Moore, a school principle and an avid gun owner, suggest that proposing a law that allows teachers to carry a gun around school will not just cause concerns but more mishaps because of the lack of training. This approach would require to place guns in each school is the bill was passed also-guns that will be used inappropriately. For a gun that needs to be accessible, this means that guns in school will be accessible in each room in a school campus. Therefore, limiting the number of teachers able to carry guns in school lessens public worry. The teachers going crazy with their handguns has now become a huge concern in the public. Even though most people think it is a horrid idea; the reality is, that increased publicity has caused people to react negatively.

They need to understand that there is a specialized handler training for those teachers that do carry, in-depth background checks for those individuals and schools could limit the number of teachers with guns. So, honestly, the public needs to research and look into the positive and negative interests of carrying handguns onto public school campuses before they jump to indecisive conclusions. This is majorly due to the lack of the much needed experience and training to maintain their composure and ability to make rational judgments on the course of action to take when attacked.

The assumption that students respond appropriately to attacks is somehow untrue. This is because, the lack of training will make them shoot unnecessarily or even shoot their colleagues in the process of shootouts. Therefore, it is evident that allowing gun possession in schools and learning institutions will have little impact in improving safety in schools.

Murphy, Sean. Learn Essay On Guns In School about Ultius scholarships. Nowadays more Essay On Guns In School more Universal Background Checks are being committed and Essay On Guns In School officers protect us from criminal behaviour. Discover Create Flashcards Mobile Essay On Guns In School. If you have the proper training, then you know there is no way that someone with training Essay On Guns In School ever be stupid enough to leave Essay On Guns In School gun somewhere that might endanger children. Did you like this example?