① Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay

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Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay

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Personal Philosophy of Success Project

It is way beyond any material things and should be taught that it comes with hard work, ambition and dedication. Do not look at how other people looks like, what kind of body they have, how beautiful they are , how successful they are, what kind of job they have, instead put the focus on yourself and select your goal. There are always negative and positive things in life,.

By creating a community fueled by things such as love and camaraderie, more individuals are able to take advantage of the comfort and support that is provided. If more people were able to feel the same sense of community and belonging that I am fortunate enough to, then I believe that the well-being of more individuals would improve substantially. Furthermore, I have determined that it is my duty to help spread the message of suicide prevention to others so that they can benefit in the same way that I have. If by circulating valuable mental health information can stop even one person from being consumed by the darkness of suicide, then progress will be able to transpire.

The rest of my friends and family motivated me because they are doing good things in life and I want to be like them, or even better. I feel like everyone can be successful at something if they really wanted. Although some studies have shown the requirement of revision surgeries, Christensen discusses how they have proven to be successful in displaying lasting, positive results, which proves to be the main concern for the doctors involved. Helping someone achieve the optimal level of hearing is a rewarding opportunity not only for the patient but also for everyone involved in the magnificent journey to an enhancement in life.

So whichever path they chose as long as they are healthy and happy, everyone is. Although I work hard for everything I do and am always dedicated, I learned that hard work and dedication are much stronger when goals are made. I also realized you can learn just as much from watching as doing. As I prepare for college, I will carry this into being a better student to my professors. Finally, I am grateful for the huge support system that helped me accomplish my goal. My CORHA family, my mother and father, sisters, and friends were always there for advice and support; this is a blessing that is beyond any price tag. I try to always have a positive outlook on situations and prepare myself for challenging ones. Introduction Miriam-Webster n. To me success is not money, possessions, or the illusion of happiness.

How the world defines success is much different than how I define success. Personal Statement: Philosophy of Success My philosophy of success is living a meaningful life, full of joy, not simply happy. I have also learned that it is okay to ask for help. I do not generally write things down, and as a result, I forget, or let something get in the way. By writing down goals, action steps, and barrier busters I will be more likely to follow through. My success will be measured in the increased effectiveness with clients I gain, my desire for lifelong learning, and most of all my faithfulness in trusting God.

I will know I have succeeded in my listed goals when I am healthier, as defined by my physician, I experience increased joy, my clients are more successful, and I trust God with every area of my life. Teamwork and Tribes My support system is crucial to me. I have a great support system in family, friends, and co-workers. They agree with my definition of success and support my endeavors to live out my passion. Without the support of others I would not be able to live the life God intends for me to.

Show More. My life priorities were to graduate early, and receive my degree. The semester priorities were to pass all my classes, and also to take knowledge from the courses. These priorities are very important to me because I feel like these will lead me into the right direction for my career. I hope you would consider my proposal for education means a lot to my future. Home Page Personal Philosophy of Success.

Personal Philosophy of Success Good Essays. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. My success philosophy that I plan on implementing from now on is accepting personal responsibility for the good and bad choices I make. There will be time when I need to focus on school and worry less about my free time. If I have a test to take I have to study for that test to get a good grade and continuous good grades will help me pass the course. The smart thing to do about this situation would be to think wise and use my time-management strategies.

This helps me to be a creator and not the victim about things and keeping up with the self-management strategy. The success strategies that I will use will help my learning style, self-management and self- responsibility. Most people believe success is just having lots of money, cars, and women but I believe success is an individual sport and I have to be ready to play because the outcome of my performance is based on the work I put into it. A second strategy I think is very useful for my college career is to set goals. This is useful for someone like me who always seems to slack off in school and give in to less important concerns. For example I would have school and work as my main priorities, but I would get distracted and end up playing video games or just hanging out doing nothing productive with my time.

I decided to a set certain Be interdependent rather than rely on just you or everyone else find a balance between the two. I think the most important thing to do is believe in you. You cannot reach your goals without this key factor. Also use a calendar, next actions list and tracking form. These help so much I know from personal experience throughout this year.

This cuts down on stress and helps you keep organized and on track to the goals you have. It can make you or break you. It makes you who you are today and what you will become in the future. If you came from humble beginnings you might make it a goal of yours to not put your family through that and have money, just as it could also make you value the little things in life. Get Access. Better Essays. Read More. Good Essays. Satisfactory Essays. Scholarship Words 2 Pages. Powerful Essays.

Knowing that doing further study will enhance my nursing Dbq Essay On The Aztecs and open me up to Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay wider. Simply, like how there Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay no good Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay evil. Assigning homework like teacher normally do is good for us to notice that nothing is easy and it Michael Sandels Our Baby, Her Womb also make us Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay about our future and what are we going to do and how are we going to Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay it. By adopting this strategy, I can avoid such occurrences since I will at all times realize that things do not always Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay as Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay have planned in life Personal Philosophy Of Success Essay I may be forced to adopt different plans in the course of realizing my goals.