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Sergeant Amos Case Study

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To this end, he would habitually wear women's clothing and engage in numerous ridiculous stunts to "prove" that he was crazy. After replacing Radar as company clerk he gives up his discharge attempts, and in Season 10 Promotion Commotion is promoted to sergeant. In the earlier seasons, Klinger was endlessly trying to get himself discharged from the Army on a psychiatric discharge, or 'Section Eight', mainly by cross-dressing; viewers began to look forward to what new outfit he would wear next or what other ploy he would attempt. But to his perpetual aggravation, his commanders were never fooled. Hunnicutt once remarked that by always trying to get out, Klinger was actually the only sane one in camp, while everyone else was crazy for accepting the situation.

Both Blake and Potter largely tolerated Klinger's antics for their entertainment value. When he was not bucking for a Section Eight, Klinger was a hard-working, reliable orderly who never let his schemes interfere with his duties. In Season 8, he replaced Radar as company clerk with reasonable seriousness, developing a reputation as a scrounger and eventually getting promoted to Sergeant. Klinger could also perform a near pitch-perfect vocal impersonation of Colonel Potter, which he used several times to manipulate others into giving the unit supplies or information that requires the Colonel's direct approval which was often hard to obtain as he was frequently in surgery when needed on the phone.

Besides wearing women's clothing, Klinger also tried other schemes to get out of the army, and not necessarily by way of a Section Eight; some were aimed at getting a hardship discharge on compassionate grounds, while others were attempts at outright desertion. Colonel Blake kept a sizeable file of bogus letters in which Klinger claimed numerous and varying family emergencies, culminating in "an oldie but a goodie", where half of his family was dying while the other half was pregnant. Some of his ploys came close to succeeding, most notable of which is in Radar's Report , when Klinger nearly got a Section Eight when Majors Burns and Houlihan, exasperated with his antics, strongly recommend to Colonel Blake that he be sent home, and Major Freedman reluctantly examined him.

But when Klinger was informed that the Section Eight would remain on his permanent record and that he would have to stay a transvestite for the rest of his life, he refused to accept it. The downside of Klinger's numerous phony discharge attempts was that nobody took him seriously when he was faced with a genuine problem. Later, while showing a movie in the Mess Tent, when everyone else claims he is just making up another phony story, he angrily rebukes them, tearing at his dress and shouting, "All of this is phony, but my wife's leaving me isn't!

She took my allotment checks, built up a nice bank account, and now she's found another guy! In Baby, It's Cold Outside , Klinger's hearing was damaged by an nearby exploding land mine caused by contraction of the ground due to the extreme cold ; Potter mentioned that deafness would get him out of the Army, but warned him that he would be in deep trouble if he was faking, which it turned out he was not, causing Potter to remark "Those mines will find you one way or the other". But the injury turned out to be temporary. When Potter repeated that deafness would have got him a medical discharge, he immediately tried to fake a relapse, which Potter of course did not buy.

In Your Retention Please , Klinger gets a second Dear John letter from Laverne; after hearing from his best friend Gus Nagy that Laverne and her husband the one she left Klinger for were on the verge of breaking up, Klinger entrusted Gus to monitor the situation and "keep the fur flying" in the hope that Laverne would reconsider and come back to him, but to Klinger's deep discouragement, Laverne revealed to him that she was going to marry Gus. Coincidentally, an Army retention officer arrives in camp and sweet talks Klinger into signing up for another tour of duty, but Potter hoodwinks Klinger by giving him the Presidential oath instead of the oath of enlistment. Thereby, albeit not legal or real and done jokingly, for one episode Maxwell Q.

Klinger was President of the United States. In Follies of the Living-Concerns of the Dead , Klinger became so delirious from a high fever that he actually communicated with the spirit of Private Weston, a newly-dead soldier. Later, when Klinger recovered, he asked the others about Weston, but none of them knew who Klinger was talking about. Beginning in season 8 after Radar's discharge, Potter chose Klinger to replace Radar as the new company clerk, but Klinger had a very rough start.

In Period of Adjustment , Klinger was still having trouble getting the hang of his new job and soon drew unfair comparisons to the departed Radar, and snide remarks from Hawkeye, Winchester and Margaret, the latter of whom called Klinger a "company cluck", and even from Potter himself who snipped "We can't all be Radars". News all Most Read Most Recent.

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Strictly Come Dancing The EastEnders actress and Strictly's first-ever deaf star has made a big change that will make the show more accessible to deaf fans. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service Birtley fire station set to keep hour cover — despite warning it makes 'no difference whatsoever' One councillor accused bosses of "fig leaf politics" after hearing a new on-call staffing system would offer no extra level of overnight cover in reality. Top Stories. Gateshead man jailed after being caught with thousands of pounds worth of drugs in rucksack Gateshead Behzad Rad was found with a bag containing cannabis, cocaine, amphetamine and opium, as well as a set of electronic scales.

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And if, on occasion, others take advantage of our admission of fault, we can fall back on the blessing of non-arrogance that flows from the first beatitudes. Some businesses have found expressing sorrow to be an effective way to operate. Toro, the manufacturer of tractors and lawn equipment, adopted a practice of showing concern to people injured while using their products.

As soon as the company learns of an injury, it contacts the injured person to express sorrow and offer help. It also asks for suggestions to improve the product. Surprising as it may sound, this approach has reduced the number of customer lawsuits over a period of many years. Many assume the term means weak, tame, or deficient in courage. But the biblical understanding of meekness is power under control. Paul captures the first aspect perfectly in Romans To be meek is to accept our strengths and limitations for what they truly are, instead of constantly trying to portray ourselves in the best possible light.

But it does not mean that we should deny our strengths and abilities. We exercise power, but for the benefit of all people, not just ourselves. It flows from the sorrow for our own weaknesses that comprises the second beatitude. If we feel sorrow for our own sins, can we really feel vengeful over the sins of others? The bullet came from a nearby village. I was the platoon leader, and he was my machinegun squad leader. I was enraged, and I called in an artillery strike to get the sniper. Then I looked to my right and saw year-old Sergeant Reid B.

He did not say a thing, but he simply looked at me, and I knew what I was about to do was wrong. We found nothing but women and children, as the sniper was long gone. I had almost allowed the rage of the moment to overcome what I thought was some substantial thinking about who I was going to be in combat. I told them had it not been for Sergeant Zachary, I probably would not have made the right decision. The reaction of the platoon was amazing. It was a very warm, family response, and I learned that a leader admitting mistakes, and thanking those who point them out to him or her, is really important.

In the fallen world, it seems to be the aggressive and the self-promoting who get ahead. No one wants an arrogant, self-seeking friend. Men and women who are hungry for power are often lonely people. Nor do they win in financial security. They think they possess the world, but the world possesses them. The more money they have, the less financially secure they feel.

We tend to think of the kingdom of heaven as heaven , a place completely different golden streets, gates of pearl, a mansion over the hilltop from anything we know here. But God's promise of the kingdom is a new heaven and a new earth Revelation Those who submit their power to God will inherit the perfect kingdom coming to earth. And this is not a future reality only. Even in a broken world, those who recognize their true strengths and weaknesses can find peace by living realistically.

Those who exercise power for the benefit of others are often admired. The meek engage others in decision making and experience better results and deeper relationships. Understanding the fourth beatitude turns on understanding what Jesus meant by righteousness. On the basis of right relationships, those who commit infractions are acquitted of guilt. Have you received the blessing of being filled with right relationships?

It flows from meekness the third beatitude because we can only form right relationships with others when we cease making all our actions revolve around ourselves. Do you hunger and thirst for right relationships—with God, with your co-workers, with your family, and your community? Hunger is a sign of life. We are genuinely hungry for good relationships if we yearn for others for their own sake, not just as snack food for meeting our own needs.

Jesus says that those who have this hunger will find their appetites filled. It is easy to see the wrongs in our workplaces and to want to do battle to fix them. If we do this, we are hungering and thirsting for righteousness, desiring to see wrongs righted. The Christian faith has been the source of many of the greatest reforms in the work world, perhaps most notably the abolition of slavery in Great Britain and the United States, and the genesis of the Civil Rights movement. But again, the flow of the beatitudes is important. David Noel Freedman, vol. If you are blessed with sorrow for your own failings the second beatitude and with right relationships the fourth beatitude , you will not find it difficult to show mercy to others on the job or anywhere else.

Mercy consists of treating people better than they deserve from us. Forgiveness is a type of mercy. At work, mercy has a highly practical effect. We are to aid others to attain their best outcomes, regardless of how we feel about them. When you assist a co-worker, whom you may not like and who may even have wronged you in the past, you are showing mercy. When you are the first contestant in an audition and you warn the later contestants that the judge is in a foul mood, you are showing mercy, though it may give them an advantage over you.

When a competitor's child is sick, and you agree to reschedule your presentation to the client so your competitor won't have to choose between caring for the child and competing for the business, you are showing mercy. These kinds of mercy may cost you an advantage you could otherwise have taken. Yet they benefit the work outcome, as well as the other person. The underlying reality of mercy is that mercy benefits someone beyond yourself. An environment of forgiveness in an organization offers another surprising result. If someone makes a mistake in an organization where mercy is not shown, they are likely not to say anything about it, hoping it will not be noticed and they will not be blamed.

Only then is it possible to Sergeant Amos Case Study the conflict and restore the relationships. The defense how do costa points work that the police were Bronchogenic Carcinoma Research Paper attacked by McDuffie, an ex-Marine they called a Sergeant Amos Case Study expert, and that only "necessary force" was used to subdue him. The Boston Globe. Israel Sergeant Amos Case Study the second-largest foreign supplier Sergeant Amos Case Study arms to the People's Republic of China, only after the Sergeant Amos Case Study Federation. In Sergeant Amos Case Study incident, Sergeant Amos Case Study Black man [f] Sergeant Amos Case Study had driven to a convenience store was shot in the chest with a shotgun from a Sergeant Amos Case Study pickup Sergeant Amos Case Study while his Sergeant Amos Case Study watched. June Learn how and when to Sergeant Amos Case Study this template message. Ben Simmoneau.