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Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study

Indian J Clin Psychol. Publish with us For authors Submit Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study. Better medicine and treatment options are needed for vitiligo Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study order to save thousands of people each year. Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study Summary: Discourse Community Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study ; — Harvard Health Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study Vitiligo: More than skin deep. Our meta-analysis found the turn of the screw analysis significant association of MS with prevalent vitiligo Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study OR 1.

MKTP Surgery Has Long-Term Benefit for Vitiligo Patients

Thus, the researchers concluded that insomnia is prevalent in vitiligo patients. Dermatologists should identify this condition carefully, especially humanistic factors in social life, and perform individualized "non-drug" treatment. She has been actively involved in writing blogs in field of health and wellness. Currently she is pursuing her Masters of public health-health administration from Tata institute of social sciences. Sign in Signup. This site is intended for healthcare professionals only. Sign In Register. Sign in Register. A large influx is of refugees, seeking sanctuary in another country in hope for a life of complacency and remuneration.

For some this change may be preferential, as they might wish to efficaciously blend into colors of a new culture and. This in-depth review of 1, patients with lipodystrophy is the largest pooled pediatric database, so far reported in literature. The disease equally affects dults and children of both sexes; however, vitiligo is commonly reported during stages of active development. Although no age is immune to vitiligo, the disease is very rarely observed at birth Reddy,. Get Access. Vitiligo Case Study Words 3 Pages to the white spots. Read More. Paper On Vitiligo Words 2 Pages According to, Le Poole and Van den Wijngaard, vitiligo is a dermatological disorder characterized by destruction of melanocytes and loss of pigmentation. Mechanism For Melanocyte Apoptosis Words 6 Pages apoptosis, but autoimmune mechanism is thought to be stongly involved in vitiligo development, especially non-segmental vitiligo Yang et al.

A Review On Vitiligo Therapy Words 8 Pages Introduction Vitiligo is a disease in which the skin begins to lose pigment because melanin producing cells, melanocytes, are absent or nonfunctional, leaving patches of white areas throughout the body. Diagnostic Considerations : Symptoms And Treatment Essay Words 6 Pages isolated in tinea versicolorThe lesions of tinea versicolor favor the upper trunk of adolescents. Chi-squared test or Fisher's exact test or Monte—Carlo approximation was applied as a statistical tool. The age of the vitiligo patients ranged from 20 year to 68 year with a mean of In the control group, age ranged from 22 year to 70 year with a mean of In both the groups, 31 Most patients suffered from vitiligo vulgaris Psychiatric screener SRQ was positive in 39 It was observed that patients with acral vitiligo had the highest percentage of psychiatric screener SRQ positivity According to Skindex, the most common psychiatric morbidity noted among the vitiligo patients was depression In the control group, psychiatric morbidity observed was physical limitation Excepting anger and fear, the observed differences were statistically significant [ Table 1 ].

Comparison of different psychiatric morbidities among the vitiligo patients and the controls. Vitiligo is considered as a cosmetic problem. It affects an individual's emotional and psychological well-being,[ 8 ] having major consequences on patient's life. This questionnaire is comparable to General Health Questionnaire GHQ 12 or 28 for assessing the psychiatric morbidity. This scale used eight dimensions for assessing QoL in a patient with dermatologic disorder. The results of the present study showed that the mean age of vitiligo patients was This confirms that both the groups were age matched as the difference in mean age was negligible.

The SRQ-assessed psychiatric morbidity was Sharma et al. Skindex[ 7 ] was used to assess aforementioned eight subdomains of psychiatric disorder in our study. Skindex values of all dimensions are higher in vitiligo patients than in control group, but it is not significant for anger, and fear and significant for depression, discomfort, social, cognitive impairment, embarrassment and physical limitation. This result was highly predictable that psychiatric screener positivity detected by SRQ had poor Skindex value. Most of the studies conducted to assess the QoL of vitiligo patients mainly focused on depression, but few studies at the same time also considered poor self-esteem, anxiety, and social problem.

In our study, depression The presence of depression in vitiligo patients in our study was comparable with the study done by Sangma et al. Among vitiligo patients, Mattoo et al. The prevalence of psychiatric illness was high in vitiligo group compared with that in the control group according to SRQ screener. Among different types of vitiligo, acrofacial vitiligo was associated with maximum psychiatric comorbidity The present study showed higher degree of psychological comorbidity and major impairment in QoL associated with vitiligo, and the extent of this comorbidity is even greater than hitherto thought of.

This study had addressed different factors that could influence the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in this disorder. Taking care of these psychiatric morbidity along with specific vitiligo therapy may bring a favorable outcome. Depression, embarrassment, social problem, cognitive impairment, and discomfort are the predominant psychological co-morbidities. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Indian J Dermatol v.

Indian J Dermatol. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. From the Department of Dermatology, B. S Medical College, Bankura, India. Address for correspondence: Dr. E-mail: moc. Received Apr; Accepted Apr. This is an open access journal, and articles are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Aims: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the psychiatric morbidity in vitiligo patients and secondary objective was to assess the morbidity in all eight dimensions of psychosocial and physical aspects, i. Materials and Methods: An institution based case-control study with sixty-one patients of vitiligo and equal number of healthy age and sex matched controls was undertaken.

Results: The SRQ-assessed psychiatric morbidity in the study group was

The natural skin tone in turn can efficiently protect against the destructive properties of Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study light. Risk The Good Night Bird Analysis bias of Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study case—control studies. This result was highly Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study that psychiatric Vitiligo Patients: A Case Study positivity detected by SRQ had poor Skindex value. S Oceans Eleven Movie Analysis College, Bankura, India.